My Life Is Becoming a Cartoon

Ethan and I are kinda sorta totally obsessed with Gravity Falls.

For those who don’t watch it, it’s a Disney channel cartoon about two adorable 12-year-old twins, their great-uncle (or grunkle), and ridiculous paranormal occurrences. Occurrences like hypnosis, deadly arcade games, a psychic arch-nemesis, and boy bands. It’s one of those shows that are funny because they’re stupid, and then you start seeing the smart jokes hidden in all the stupidity, and then you laugh at the stupid all over again.

And I keep running into characters. Yesterday, on the way home from the plasma center, I ran into this guy on the street:



His name is Soos. He’s the handyman at Grunkle Stan’s Mystery Shack. And I swear to you, he was walking down the sidewalk in Provo. A little less portly, with a little more neck. But the eyes, the hamster teeth, the hat – all there.

Then today, while we were driving around on the Mount Nebo loop – some 9,000 feet above sea level – we saw this random trailer parked on a dirt side-street in the middle of nowhere. As we stopped to give the brakes on the mini-van a rest (we’d been going downhill for some time), this guy showed up:


Old Man McGuckett. Just picture this guy with a slightly different hat and a pet that was either the biggest cat or the smallest cow you’ve ever seen. Apparently, the coawt’s name was “Bubba J – the One and Only!” He put Bubba J in the middle of the driveway, gestured for us to take pictures of him, and then walked back to his trailer, whistling happily.

Perhaps I’m only jumping to conclusions. Perhaps these characters are highly stereotyped stock characters, and it wouldn’t be hard to find them anywhere on the streets. Or perhaps we’re slowly crossing the line into hilarious, animated fantasy. All I know is that as long as we’ve got the camera with us, I’m really hoping the next person we run into is Mermando the merman. ♦



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