Victor Hugo’s Hilarious Chapter Titles

Victor Hugo was one of the greatest (and most long-winded) authors ever to touch pen to paper. He also had a knack for naming his chapter heading some pretty funny things. Check out these gems from Les Miserables:

  • Details Concerning the Cheese-Dairies of Pontarlier
  • Tholomyes is So Merry That He Sings a Spanish Ditty
  • A Chapter in Which They Adore Each Other
  • In What Mirror M. Madeleine Contemplates His Hair
  • The Ankle-Chain Must Have Undergone a Certain Preparatory Manipulation to be Thus Broken with a Blow from a Hammer
  • It is Not Necessary to be Drunk in Order to be Immortal
  • The Utility of Going to Mass, in Order to Become a Revolutionist
  • Marius, While Seeking a Girl in a Bonnet, Encounters a Man in a Cap
  • In Which a Police Agent Bestows Two Fistfuls on a Lawyer
  • One Should Always Begin by Arresting the Victims
  • A Cab Runs in English and Barks in Slang
  • Marius Becomes Practical Once More to the Extent of Giving Cosette His Address
  • Mademoiselle Gillernormand Ends by No Longer Thinking It a Bad Thing That M. Fauchelevent Should Have Entered with Something under His Arm
  • The Immortal Liver

And then a few from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame:

  • The Danger of Following a Pretty Woman in the Streets by Night
  • The Story of a Wheaten Cake
  • End of the Story of the Cake
  • On the Danger of Confiding One’s Secret to a Goat
  • An Awkward Friend

les miserables


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