This Just In: Miley Cyrus Showers Naked


Few things have captivated American pop culture so much as the recent 180-degree turn of Miley Cyrus. Millions of viewers watched the young star twerking at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, wondering what happened to the star’s innocent “Hannah Montana” appeal. Shocked parents have been concerned about their little girls’ role model since her radical haircut and tongue piercing, and now the”Wrecking Ball” music video is raising disturbing questions about the star’s influence on a generation of Americans.

But swinging naked on a wrecking ball isn’t the end of it – Collaborator Pharrell Williams says that Cyrus is becoming more and more a “byproduct of America,” quickly becoming the same sexualized celebrity we’ve seen in stars like Britney Spears and Madonna. Snooping paparazzi have reportedly discovered that 20-year-old Cyrus not only swings from wrecking balls, but also showers – and even occasionally bathes – completely nude. In interview, Cyrus stated, “I feel like I was born this way. It’s like I’m embracing my inner child.”

News reporters have been unable to verify with Cyrus’s mother, Tish, whether the star was actually born naked. One thing is certain: Miley Cyrus seems determined to push the limits on fashion – even if that means the total absence of clothing. ♦


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