On my way to Sunday School today, I stopped to talk to a guy wandering the halls. He told me and my husband all about salt, meat, and the $6 million man. Salt is the glue that holds your body together. Without salt, you fall apart. Meat is dynamite. You eat it, you blow up – and then you don’t fit in your clothes anymore. And eternal life costs $6 million. It worked in TV – it must work in real life. The conversation was hard to follow, but we’ve both been missionaries: we’ve seen weirder things, in and out of church.

We left the conversation and went to class. Our teacher used salt in an analogy, and a man raised his hand to make a comment. He told us about the caking properties of salt, and how pure, raw salt is one of the healthiest things in the world. It’s the salt companies that add those caking chemicals who make it bad for you. The extra chemicals are some of the worst things for you. Which is why you should buy sea salt. Another class member chimed in his agreement.

We got back on topic pretty fast, and you know what? I can’t really call anybody out for weird behavior. We’ve turned to strangers in Costco and struck up conversations about beekeeping. But more than the topic itself, I’m amused that every random conversation we had today was about salt. I’m considering naming my firstborn daughter Salt Unklesbay. I don’t know what it is, but apparently, there’s something inspiring about it. ♦


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