The Opera Upstairs

So, one of the students who lives above us is apparently taking music lessons. Or so it would seem, at any rate. Every now and then, we hear a loud, rich baritone voice come singing clearly out of nowhere… for about one or two notes. For reasons known only to him (or possibly his voice teacher), we never actually hear him finish a phrase.

The other day, I was having a really rough, emotional day. Ethan holds the Priesthood, so I asked him to give me a blessing. He put his hands on my head and began a blessing. About a minute in, he paused to consider his words. “Truth is eternal,” he started again, when he paused – and was interrupted by an angelic voice from above, holding one clear, high note.


And then the voice was gone.

A priesthood blessing is a very spiritual experience. That being said, it took us about five minutes to stop laughing and finish the blessing.

Clearly, God has a sense of humor. ♦



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