Happy Birthday to Me?

I’d like to say a few words about fish.

Fish are creepy. I’m really not sure why. But for some reason, staring into an aquarium for me is kind of like most people going through the snake exhibit at the zoo, or letting a pet tarantula crawl across your hand. It’s not that I actually think I’m about to die, or anything. They just give me the heeblie-jeeblies.

So please understand that when I opened the shower curtain Wednesday to find this:


It was something kind of like finding a tarantula in the bathtub. A tarantula the size of a badger, with enormous and fearsome claws. And keep in mind, this was in my shower. So when I encountered Larry the lobster, I was also blind and naked. And thereafter, cowering in the corner, screaming, “Sick! You people are sick and a half!”

So, a happy thank-you to my roommate Bri for an excellent lobster dinner I ate on my birthday… and a prayer she never puts something so hideous in the tub again. ◊



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