It’s a Senior Thesis Miracle, Charlie Brown!

I’m writing my “capstone” paper – essentially, my senior thesis for my Bachelor’s degree. And by writing, I mean, “Oh, yeah. That’s due in a week and a half.” Don’t panic. I’ve got a lot of the research done. I just haven’t actually started the writing process yet. I was thinking to myself earlier this week that this week/end would be the ideal time to get a roaring start on it.

And then I got my work shift. I just started a new job, cooking for Station 22 on Provo Center Street. It’s awesome. And I’m excited. Or, at least, I was… until I realized that I was scheduled to work 31 hours in 3 days. I had 11 hours today, 11 hours tomorrow, and then 9 on Saturday.

I was concerned, to say the least. And not just about my homework. Is this really how they train new employees? Baptism by fire, here we go!

So I showed up this morning at 9, like the text told me to. And found my way into the back of the kitchen, where one lone cook was getting ready. And he stared at me and said, “I thought you weren’t coming in until 5?” 

He checked the schedule for me. Evidently, when a text arrives, that isn’t necessarily a final decision. The schedule now only has me down for about 11 hours this week – total. I now have an extra 20 hours I never planned to have this week. And it feels most wonderful. I think I’ll work on a paper. And maybe take a nap. ♦


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