How To Throw a Proper Tantrum

Based on the following youtube video:

Ethan and I have decided on a new strategy for resolving conflict.

We are realists. We know, no matter how much we love one another, there will be days when it’s all we can do not to smack each other. And when we’re really ready to rant and rave, he’s going to go to the fridge, pull out two gallons of milk, and hand them to me. At which point, I will scream, throw them both on the ground as hard as I can, and fall to the floor dramatically.

Two gallons of milk: $5-6.

Stress relief: optimal.

Chances that we’ll still be arguing while we’re both laughing until tears come out of our eyes: minimal. ♥


2 thoughts on “How To Throw a Proper Tantrum

  1. The only downside of that strategy, is that one of the milks might break and you’ll have a ginormous mess to clean up.

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