This Looks Like a Job For… Chocolate Milk!

It’s been a good morning for whining.

I woke up with a craving for orange juice, and an incredible desire to plant an avocado tree. So Ethan and I went running this morning. To the Creamery. For an avocado, and some orange juice.

Halfway there, we hit construction. So we went around. More construction. Went around again. Still construction.

And then cramps. Stopped to whimper for a while, until they went away. Still construction.

Eventually, we found our way to the Creamery, only to be told it was closed while they replaced the floor.

No avocados. No orange juice.

To cheer me up, Ethan picked me up and ran through the sprinklers. And then we climbed a tree. It was a good tree.

But then when I came home, I walked in the door and said, “I’m gonna go take a shower, and get dressed, and get stuff done!”

There’s no water. The complex shut the water off, so they can fix the hole in the ceiling in another apartment. (Who runs water pipes through the roof?) So no shower. No flushing the toilet. No water for cooking. Nope. You just sit there and smell funny until the water comes back on.

Colby suggested I could shower at somebody else’s apartment. Or jump in the pool. Or go to the field house to shower. But my pouty little brain just keeps thinking, “I’m paying to live here!”

The five-year-old in me wants to pout and flail my arms and add, “…and it feels like a thousand bees are stinging me at the same time!”

But Ethan made me breakfast. And the water’s coming back on earlier than predicted. And I have a warm rice-bag to make me feel better. And most importantly, I found my chocolate syrup. So I’ll just drink some chocolate milk, and read some scriptures, and get over myself. ♦


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