Another Bitter Battle of the Better Bayside Bagel

I was late for class today, and decided to eat brunch on campus, between classes. I debated my options, and then realized with horror that it had been months – months! – since I had eaten a legendary BYU Bookstore Bayside Bagel. I quickly sought to remedy the situation.

You know when you’re shopping, and you’re hungry, and all of a sudden, you have to buy everything in the store? I left the bookstore with 3 bagels (because I had to do a taste test of all three, right?) and I was proud of myself for not buying every single flavor I had seen.

And so the test began. I started with the 9 Grain. It was good. I smiled.

And then I moved on to the Pizza Bagel. It was fantastic. I smiled. My stomach also smiled.

And then, because this was both breakfast and lunch, I decided that I would go ahead and eat the third bagel: Spinach Parmesan. And it was life-changing. I smiled. My stomach sang. My taste buds danced a merengue in my mouth. It was like I had just been hit in the face with a delivery truck full of flavor. Somehow, this bagel was better than spinach or Parmesan have ever been on their own. I feel like I just ate an entire loaf of bread – and I regret nothing.

Dear reader, I don’t know who you are – but I do know that when it comes to breakfast, you wish you were me right now.


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