True Light

It’s really funny how much change a little light can make. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a new shirt and then shuddered when I saw what color it was outside.  My hair is a really boring brown, but sometimes it just catches fire and turns all coppery in the sunshine. My junior high was known as the “vampire school,” because the lighting was so poor. We never noticed it until we stepped outside – but when you stepped back inside, it was like putting on a blindfold.



Sunlight, for me, is a drug. I mean, if you see me the first few times the sun comes out in the spring, it’s like watching somebody just freaking out of their mind. I love it. And no matter how many light bulbs I put in my apartment, it just never feels like sunshine.

I firmly believe that God put the sun in the sky to remind us of Him. It’s always there (even when it’s all dark and wintery – we just can’t see it through the clouds), and even at night, it’s still there; it’s just not shining directly on us. It’s on its way around. And, just like God, sometimes we forget it’s there or hide inside all day and then complain about how cold the air conditioning is. And meanwhile, it’s a bright, sunny day outside, and we forget to go outside and enjoy it!

In the Bible, Jesus Christ is described as “the light of men… the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” (John 1:4-5,9) The light of Christ is how we learn about God, and how we learn about ourselves, and how we become more perfect people. Knowledge comes bit by bit, but we can’t forget to be open to the “true light” as well as artificial lighting. Nothing I’ve studied in school has affected me more than coming to know God, because that’s the overarching light that helps us as human beings to understand everything else. If you understand who God is, and who you are in relation to Him, then everything else makes more sense. It’s like walking out into the sunlight after a whole day in the “vampire” hallways of junior high. Yes, you can still see in there – but why would you take a fluorescent bulb over a sunny day?

The other thing about light: it scares away the darkness. Did you ever have a night-light? did you ever wonder why it still shone, even when it was so outnumbered by the darkness around it? Light is stronger than dark.

So, I’ve been reliving my childhood, and re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia. And here’s a snippet from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Caspian’s ship is stuck in a cloud of horrible darkness – the kind that scares you silly and makes you think of all the nightmares you’ve ever had in your life. And as Lucy cries out for help, this white albatross appears, and a light shines on the ship, and slowly guides the ship back out of the cloud and into daylight. After the darkness, the blue sky is a healing comfort – and what’s more, the cloud has completely disappeared behind them. The light actually killed the darkness.

Joseph Smith wrote:

“That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day….

I say it that you may know the truth, that you may chase darkness from among you…” (Doctrine and Covenants 50:24-25)

I always catch the word “light” when I’m reading scripture, because I know no matter what the verse is about, I can relate to it. It’s the best visual representation of truth I’ve ever found – and a good tactile one, as well. I don’t know many things that feel better than sunshine on my face. God not only illuminates us, he chases away the darkness in our lives and in our minds. How often do we take the time to go outside and feel the sun on our faces and notice Him? 


4 thoughts on “True Light

  1. All together now! . . . “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine . . .” “You are the sunshine of my life . . .” “You light up my life . . .” “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine . . .” Sorry. I can’t help it. I JUST WANT TO SING!!!

  2. Good morning, Rachel!
    I trust that you were able to expedite everything that you had to do last
    night!! I felt bad that you hadn’t had supper! But…thank you for coming to my birthday visit!
    Have a great day!
    Grandma – and Pierce!

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