To Marc, From Al

While we were cleaning one of the buildings on campus, we found a valentine somebody had left behind (sad day). It was a cute little plant with one purple flower at the top, and two very happy-looking balloons, which floated to the ceiling when we tried to pick up the plant. After a quick balloon rescue (which involved a long, curved stick and some standing on tables), we decided to bring it back for our supervisor, Marc.

Marc wasn’t there, so we improvised a quick valentine note for Marc… from Al, one of the morning supervisors. Here’s what we wrote:


My dearest Marc,

My love for you burns like a thousand suns! I offer this flower to you as a token of that love. I hope that it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside like you swallowed a burning cat. As beautiful as this flower is, it could never be more beautiful than your face. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Your Secret Admirer, Al

We think we’re  hilarious. Happy Valentine’s! 


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