Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just want it on record this year that I am single. You will note that I did not entitle this post, “Happy Single’s Awareness Day!” or “Happy Bitter Thursday!” or some other similar misnomer. That is because I love Valentine’s Day – and I don’t think it matters whether you’re romantically involved with somebody.

Remember in elementary school, when everybody made a little cardboard mailbox out of a tissue container or a shoe box? And then everybody brought those cool little cards and chalk-flavored candies to school? The only thing that mattered was whose valentines were the coolest. (This one year, my mom had some clever idea and I brought Squeez-Its for everybody. I was the coolest kid in the world that year.) We spent the whole day basking in the glories of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty, and feasting on bright red lollipops with little white-powdered-sugar hearts on them. It was a blast!

And then you got to junior high, and all of a sudden, you couldn’t give or receive a valentine without some serious romantic significance attached to it. And even if you hazarded giving a valentine to a “just friend,” you might be followed by rumor and ridicule for the following year.

And then college came, and valentine’s day was a day to either gloat about your significant other, or to feel like a total loser for not having one.

And I’m just wondering: what does any of this have to do with Sonic the Hedgehog? I mean, I know the holiday is about love, not hedgehogs – but what if you happen to love hedgehogs? There are plenty of types of love out there. The Greeks had like 5 different words for love, for crying out loud! And you know… I’ve never had a Valentine’s date. Just never happened. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love somebody.

I love my mom and dad! I love my brother!  I love my roommates! I love my goofy coworkers and classmates and even a few of my professors! I love my old mission companions, and the folks we taught! I love my neighbors and church members! And Sean Connery! And the Ninja Turtles! And Squeez-Its!

I just think Valentine’s gets a bad rap. Holidays are meant to be celebrated, not dreaded. And I intend to celebrate. And right now, I’m gonna go celebrate a peanut-butter-chip cookie that’s cooling on the stove. 


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