Story Problem: Chocolate Milk

Bri: Hey, Rachel – guess what this story problem is about?

Me: Genocide?

Bri: Chocolate milk. This problem says that Tim has figured out that the proper ratio is 3:8.

Me: 3:8 what?

Bri: 3:8 chocolate to milk. The syrup to milk ratio should be 3:8.

Me: You mean to tell me this kid has perfected the art of chocolate milk?

Bri: That’s what this problem says.

Me: We needs to try this.

Bri: So, if we got 8 gallons of milk, we would need 3 bottles of syrup.

Me: Except chocolate syrup doesn’t come in gallons. We have a measurement problem.

Bri: … If we’re making 8 gallons of chocolate milk, I think we’ve got more serious problems than that. ◊


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