A Shout-out to Mom

This is my mom.

Clearly, she’s fantastic. She encourages me to do things like study, clean, run with scissors, and cover the neighbors’ car with monkey vinyl clings. I consider her an excellent influence on me.

Last week (and really, for most of this winter), I was kind of bummed. I wanted sunshine. And I think she could tell.

So today, I picked up a package from the office, only to find it packed with as much sunshine as my mother could fit in a box. Sun detergent. Sunchips. Sunflower seeds – chocolate-covered and otherwise. A can of baby corn that had the word “sun” somewhere in the brand name.

And, you know what? The sun came out today! Coincidence? I think not!

Thanks, Mom. You always know what to do. 


4 thoughts on “A Shout-out to Mom

    • That picture’s not hideous! It’s awesome!

      Thank you for giving me life. And Sunchips. Which are practically the same thing.(I’m eating the tastiest nachos EVER even as we speak.)

  1. I’m glad you know how fabulous your mom is. Don’t tell my kids about all the cool packages you get….they will get jealous.

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