Les Miserables: A Review

(Photo: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/universal/lesmiserables/)

I just went to see Les Mis with my mom in theaters, and – spoiler alert – it made me cry. (There may be a lot of spoilers here, people. Just a warning.)  I’m not a crier, usually. Especially with movies (except for Lilo and Stitch, but let’s not get into that). And this movie made me weep like a little school girl.

I had it together for most of the movie. (To my credit, it’s 3 hours long. That’s a long time to tug at heartstrings.) Really, though. I was okay for most of it. There were a few little sniffle moments, where my eyes got a little wet, but nothing that would really be called tears.

And then Eponine died. Heroically. In the rain. And I cried buckets.

After that song, I got it together. I remembered seeing the play in high school and thought to myself, “That’s the worst of it over now. I think I can handle the rest.”

The trouble is, after I’ve lost it once, it’s really hard to get it back. The other trouble is, about every 2 minutes after Eponine died, somebody else died too. And it got more tragic every time. The little kid got shot. I lost it all over again. Recovered. The whole front line at the barricade went down. I was gone again. Marius got shot and almost died. Buckets. Javert died. Tears. Marius recovered and starting singing about death. Lost it again. Valjean started dying, and sang about death. Fantine reappeared and sang about death. Valjean actually died. By this time, I wasn’t even bothering to recover anymore. Then there was that final glorious scene, with all its drums and music and dead people singing their hearts out. I cried my lipstick off.

The basic review is: it was a fantastic movie. I loved it! It was thrilling, it was moving, it was breathtaking, and it was somehow inspiringly tragic. But I can’t tell you how glad I was that I went to see this with my mom instead of a date – because no matter how much I cried, I knew the whole time that Mom was crying harder. ♥


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