Chocolate Milk and Other Devious Plans

Still addicted to chocolate milk. What’s worse, now it seems to be spreading to Bri.

Yesterday, I was drinking the last (!) of my chocolate milk, when Bri said something funny and it nearly came out my nose. She thought that would be hilarious, and made it her new goal. And as I drank the last of it, I suddenly had an image of Bri jumping in front of my face and screaming bloody murder, just to get chocolate milk out my nose. And I nearly lost it again – even though she never even did it. I just cracked myself up thinking about it.

Today, we discovered that we don’t have any chocolate milk mix left. We both sat and pouted for a few minutes, then Bri got out some milk and a hot chocolate mix. It didn’t mix very well, though; I don’t know how it’s any different from that Nestle stuff, but it just kind of clumped on the top of the glass like… something gross that you wouldn’t want to drink. (We still did, of course.)

And then, as I took my last sip, Bri stopped mid-sentence, leaned forward, and screamed at the top of her lungs. Martha, an unsuspecting and innocent bystander in the whole thing, was terrified. I nearly lost it again – but I kept it together in the end, and about five minutes of laughing later, I managed to swallow.

Let the games begin. ♠


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