Reading Minds

My friends and I decided yesterday that we need to start acting like we can read minds. I had a great opportunity today, as I walked out of the library.

Have you ever been on a college campus during the week of final exams? You know that glazed, hopeless look people get on their faces?

As I rounded a corner, I walked past a man sitting on a wall, staring into space. He didn’t notice me – even when I stopped in front of him and stared back at him for a few minutes. After a while, he looked up and realized I was there. He smiled a little bit, as if to say, “Oh, yeah. Real life.”

Before he said anything, I just pointed at him and said, “That thought. Right there. Best idea you’ve had all week. Keep it. It needs to happen.”

He looked puzzled, but bemused. As I turned around, he went back to his hopeless staring. As I walked, though, I suddenly realized I might have reinforced a hopeless thought, and turned around again.

“But not if it was suicidal!” I shouted across the quad. “Then, forget everything I just said!”

I think he knows I can’t read minds. ♦


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