Small Miracles

Today, I am thankful for the tiny daily miracles that keep my sanity together:

  • Getting my 2 hardest exams done the first day of finals.
  • Chocolate milk during my essay final. (For further information on why I consider chocolate milk miraculous, see here. Let’s just say I have a new favorite professor.)
  • A friend who walked me to campus when it was cold.
  • A completely guilt-free 2-hour nap
  • “This is How a Heart Breaks” by Rob Thomas. Actually, I think it’s kind of miraculous how fantastic the music video is too. Chase scene. New York traffic. Rob Thomas. Existential paradox. It’s the best.
  • Reading scriptures in the morning. It’s the most peaceful thing that’s happened to me all day – and if anybody’s miraculous, I think Jesus qualifies.
  • Total strangers who say hello.
  • The hat hair today that somehow, totally on accident, ended up looking like a punk-rock style.
  • I found 3 muffins in my purse that I forgot about yesterday!
  • Talking to my brother about his latest adventures at Disneyland. You should hear that guy giggle about Small World.

Self, it’s a good day. ♥



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