Stressful Day

Today was a little bit hectic. I had a book to finish, a book review to write, some more reading to do for a class tomorrow, and a few classes thrown in there around noon-ish. My patient mother tried to explain to me exactly what I have to do tomorrow in order to get my absentee ballot cast. I’m running mighty low on sleep. And just before one of my history classes, I ran into a friend from my mission in New Jersey. I asked her what she knew about hurricane Sandy, and whether her family was okay. Thankfully, everybody’s fine – and then she pulled out her laptop and started showing me all the pictures online.

My entire mission is underwater. Hoboken is flooded. There are people canoeing and kayaking to and from their homes all over the state. Everybody’s power is out. There are fires sprouting up here and there. The subways are so flooded, they only have a few feet of air in them. Seaside Heights is trashed. Barnegat Bay is swimming. Long Beach Island is gone – the pictures just look like homes in the middle of the ocean. I’m afraid to look up pictures of Mystic Island. I’m a little worried.

I tried to drown my sorrows in curly fries. They tasted good, but it didn’t really work. I’m still worried. ♥


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