The Better Bayside Bagel Battle Begins!

Okay, folks. I’ve just hit existential crisis.

Remember that one time when I was super excited about that fluffy little pizza bagel? (See here.) Well, I was. And now I have a problem. Because the pizza bagel has a new contender in the ring.

It’s a spinach parmesan. And so far, my esteemed colleague and I have determined that the spinach bagel is far lighter and healthier-tasting (although probably not really healthy in any way) than the pizza bagel. If you want a heavy, sumptuous, Italian-style kick-in-the-face kind of flavor, the pizza bagel definitely wins. But if you’re looking for a lighter flavor, the spinach bagel is where you want to go.

Now comes the problem: I can’t decide which one is better. It’s like comparing pesto sauce to meat sauce. They’re both delicious. For entirely different reasons. What am I supposed to do? Does this mean I have to change my whole measuring system for foodstuffs? Can there be a “best bagel”? Or am I doomed now to wander the earth, forever wondering whether there really can be a best in anything anymore? Has this bagel been sent from above just to rock my paradigms and remind me to be less judgmental of innocent carbohydrates? I may never know….



One thought on “The Better Bayside Bagel Battle Begins!

  1. Best is a time limited function. The best bagel is the one you are currently enjoying. Note I said enjoying, not eating. Think of a five year old, or a dog, ” oh, yeah, that is the best!”. Is thought every 20 seconds all day long, and so it should be.

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