The Better Bayside Bagel

Oh, heavens, people. I have found pleasure incarnate.

Its name is Bagel. Bayside Bagel. And if you want to get technical, its middle name is Pizza.

Are you sold? Because you should be. But just in case you aren’t convinced yet, let me tell you that this bagel is like taking a bite out of a cloud. A cloud that tastes like happiness, Italian spices, and cheese. And if you add cream cheese to this golden treasure, it just about knocks you over with the power of goodness. This is the kind of bagel that shapes lives. A suicidal man would eat this bagel and find new purpose in life. An atheist would take one bite, rise to his feet, and exclaim, “There is a God, and he loves me!” And that bayside pizza bagel would provide the irrefutable proof.

Yes, World. God loves you. And that is why we have taste buds. If you are anywhere near Provo, Utah – please, for the love of all that is holy – get yourself to the BYU bookstore and buy yourself a bagel. Lives will be changed. ◊


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