A Silly Tourist

I was going to the dollar movies today with my friends, Hillary and Alexa. Hillary and Alexa are sisters – and let’s just say, they’re some of the only people I know with more energy than myself. If we could have somehow converted the antics in that car to electricity, we could have powered New York City for a couple hours, I think.

Anyways. As we spazzed our way down I-15, I looked over and noticed a large RV next to us, driven by an enormous truck. In the passenger-seat of the truck was a tall blonde woman, clutching a very nice camera, and looking out over the desert to the west of us. She looked like the quintessential tourist that we love to make fun of here in Utah. I could just picture her getting out of the truck at Arches National Park with khaki shorts, a polo shirt, and an $80 metal “walking stick” that, for some reason, every out-of-towner seems to think is a necessity for hiking.

The woman caught me staring at her, so to avoid embarrassment (hers), I smiled and waved. She smiled back and returned the gesture. I commented to Hillary and Alexa in the front seat, “That lady just smiled at me! She should have taken my picture! Look at that camera! With a camera like that, I’d be taking pictures of everything!”

Then I glanced over again, and saw she was still looking at me. She gestured with the camera and raised her eyebrows. So I smiled and waved again, and she took my picture.

I have no idea who that lady is, but I just went down in history as “that crazy lady in Utah” on somebody’s road-trip album. And I’m proud to fill that slot. Somebody’s got to do it – and I don’t know anybody who fits the bill better. ◊


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