Happy Mother’s Day!


Being as it is Mother’s Day, I thought to write a smallish tribute to my mother. Here’s the type of person my mom is:

  • My mom is the type of person who bakes 600 cookies for one party, just in case.
  • She is the type of person who makes her daughter practice the piano. Every day. For 14 years.
  • She is the type of person who spills Grape Nuts so spectacularly that they land in both her hair and her shoes. Twice in one week.
  • She finds her children lying on the floor in the kitchen, sick and dehydrated and shivering, and spends the next 12 hours nursing them back to health without complaint.
  • She does not like hiking Pavant Butte.
  • She is the type of mom who thinks to herself, “If I were a small child, what would I want in my room?” And then she goes to the hardware store, buys a can of chalkboard spray paint, and covers a whole wall in chalkboard. Then she buys about a hundred colors of chalk, and says, “Knock yourself out, kid!”
  • She writes the best missionary letters out there – because they are funny, spiritual, and draw from her own mission experiences. She understands what a missionary (like me) wants to read, and what a missionary (like me) would simply roll her eyes at. She knows what kind of a spiritual boost is best, and when it’s needed.
  • She laughs hysterically over stupid things, just because I find them funny.
  • She enlists the help of anybody nearby to reach the top shelves in the supermarket. Even if it’s me, 2 inches taller than she is. And for some inexplicable reason, she always wants the straws on the TOP shelf, near the very back.
  • She has incredible patience for the repairing of windows, toilets, washing machines, and various other breakable objects.
  • She holds ice cream parties for the young women, and buys donuts just to show up at the neighbors’ house to perform a taste test. And when the winning donut is her least favorite, she loses quite gracefully.
  • She tolerates my mockery remarkably well, and still persists in feeding, clothing, and housing me.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I think she’s pretty awesome.  ◊


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