You Get a Gold Star!

I’ve been promising gold stars to people for some time now. Unfortunately, when someone does something that deserves a gold star, I don’t have one to give. I seldom carry gold stars around with me. This makes for an awkward situation when someone calls my bluff, and asks for an actual star.

Fortunately, there are good people in the world who are concerned with my reputation as an honest woman. One of the massage clients at work overheard my gold-star-dilemma last week, and promised to bring me some. Only days later, she was back, with glitter stars of every color – and a pack of motivational temporary tattoos! Day: made!

So, after hugging this wonderful woman, I set about with my stars. I still owe some folks some stars, so if you’re one of them, do be patient with me, won’t you? And I’m still really excited at the thought of leaving “good job!” on someone’s forehead.  ♦


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