And Then, When You Least Expect It… Batman!

The doorbell rang tonight, and I answered it. In the doorway stood a junior high student, tall for his age, with a Batman T-shirt and reasonably cool hair.

“I’m taking a survey,” he said. “Have you seen the Dark Knight?”

Thinking he meant the actual man, I answered, “no,” before asking, “Wait – do you mean the movie?”

“Of course!”

The mental missionary block was wreaking confusion in my mind. “That’s not the new one, is it? We’re talking about…”


“Of course I saw it!” I cried. “It was fantastic!”

The boy looked visibly relieved. “Thank you,” he said. “You’ve just proved my point for about the dozenth time. My friend and I are in an argument, and I’m determined to prove him wrong.”

“Your friend isn’t a Superman fan, is he?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

I comforted him. He seemed like the sort of kid who was kind enough to keep a friend despite this difference – although he was dedicated to his cause, and he moved on to the next door. All I know is, whatever that young man’s total count was, today I made an invaluable contribution to society.



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