A Job Update

I’ve been working at Renaissance Massage for about 2 weeks. So far, it’s been a very good job – I work more hours than I’d expected, make decent money, and I get a free massage every week! My boss(es) seem to think I’m surprisingly good at whatever they ask me to do – which varies, depending on need and capricious whim. And as an added bonus, I get to really confuse massage students by throwing sarcastic comments around and telling them to avoid eating pandas (at all costs!)

My first free massage was last week, and it was a rare experience in pain. It felt good, except for the knots in my back. Unfortunately, it would seem that there are few un-knots in my back. As Courtney worked on me, it felt like she was rolling about 2 dozen marbles along my shoulder-blades. Except these marbles were under my skin. Strange. How did they get there?

Sounds like a dangerous new fad. “Marble plugs.” Eww.

Today’s pain, however, was an experience in “let’s try to scare the returned missionary!” After several crude conversations, the students in the lobby suddenly realized they might have actually shocked me. (They’re used to me just shaking my head and muttering about pandas, apparently.) It got real quiet in the lobby for a couple minutes, and suddenly conversation became much more tame. Seems I’m less fun when I ignore people. Hopefully, I can elicit this reaction quicker in the future. Or maybe I should just get a buzzer, like on game shows. “EEHH! Wrong answer!”

And then maybe an ejector seat. Yes. I like it.


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